8/28/18 (AH) El Segundo, CA

I was just about ready to quit dancing before I came to you and now I'm taking pointe classes I never thought Id be able to do and I'm so much stronger than I ever was. I'm still training increasing hours per week and doing things in my daily life I couldn't before with no pain and no flare ups! I have progressed more in this year working with you (Clea) than I did with all my previous therapists combined! Thank you so very much!!

8/30/18. Redondo Beach, CA

I have gotten so many pearls of wisdom from you for my mind, body and spirit, and I am forever grateful!

10/05/16 (CY) Hermosa Beach, CA

"After 4 years of being in chronic pain from hip surgeries and the last two years after my total hip replacement of 24/7 pain that was taking over my entire life, I was finally referred to Synergy and all I have to say is THANK GOD!   I had been to every treatment known to man, physical therapists, injections, massage therapy, Rolfing, you name it I had been there and seen someone and not one single person could help me, NOBODY. I couldn't even walk more than 15min without being exhausted from pain.   I was truly giving up all hope of ever having a normal life again.  I'm relatively young and for your life to slowly just start dwindling because of pain was awful.  But then I started seeing Clea, she is AMAZING, she was the only person in 4 years who knew exactly how to help me.   I am now at about the 3rd month of seeing her and I am living pain free!  i am finally having my life back!  She is so dedicated, caring and she knows so much more than any physical therapist I have ever spent time with in 4 years.  Or even some dr's I have met.  Don't waste your time with any other physical therapist, she is the best hands down!"


9/25/16  (RS) Santa Monica, CA

"My orthopedist at Cedars Sinai recommended I come to Synergy after a car crash accident. I was walking around so out of alignment that my right leg was one inch lower than the left one!

I'd visited a number of professionals trying to fix the issue, including osteopath, neuromuscular release expert, acupuncture, and acupressure massage. The osteopath had me order heel inserts, because she didn't think I'd walk evenly again. I was a bit reluctant about physical therapy, as I had been to one several years ago, and seen little impact, actually feeling worse.

Working with (Synergy), my legs are close to back to even again. This is pretty amazing, as I had been limping unevenly for 6 months. .... I'm able to get back on the elliptical, and my posture is better than when we had started. A lot of my back pain from the accident is also reducing.... great tableside manner and is fun...grounded but upbeat.. good at helping me through the psychology of recovering as well, to stay motivated. I look forward to our sessions working together, and trust her judgement completely - a rarity for me....very careful and thoughtful analysis of my muscles, joints, and alignment, and provides targeted, doable exercises to work on at home.
Would recommend ...Will ultimately save a lot of time and effort in the long run...!"



5/25/16 (Kelly C) Torrance, CA

"I cannot say enough good things about Clea.  She takes time with you in evaluating and treating your specific needs.  I went to Clea for hip pain which I had on and off for years due to competitive running and had been to multiple physical therapists before I met Clea.  I was blown away by the night and day difference between my experience with Clea and the previous PTs I'd been to in the past.  She is an amazing physical therapist and goes above and beyond for every single client.  She explained to me why I was having issues with my hips and after just several weeks of treatment I had a dramatic reduction in my pain.
Clea is an expert in her field and really looks at the whole picture, Synergy is providing a truly integrative approach...the best and I highly recommend them."

4/15/2016 (Dominique) Torrance, CA

"I feel so thrilled I found Synergy Performance. Following a serious car accident and numerous surgeries including more recently a total hip replacement all of which left me with severe misalignment and compensatory patterns, significant loss of range of motion and tightness. After having worked with numerous healers over the years of various kinds, Clea Tucker is the first person I found who not only understands my body as a ballet dancer and performer, she has the unique ability to see everything I feel when it's not positioned or functioning properly; she gets the nuances I require. She has finally put me on a path of healing, making progress like I haven't before, at least not to this degree or so quickly.

The physical therapy and performance training we've been doing is like nothing I've done before, the focus being on my unique body and needs as a dancer. Performing arts bodies are not like the average body which might need some rehabilitation/therapy. Our demands and needs go far beyond. (Synergy) more than delivers.
Another wonderful aspect at Synergy Performance is that performance medicine including nutrition and psychology are also offered, rounding out the package of healing so beautifully. Very highly recommended."

 4/15/16 (Teresa H) Playa del Rey, CA

"This team of practitioners is top rate and very supportive of reaching performance goals and wellness. They provide excellent performance medicine, performing arts medicine, performance physical therapy-training-nutrition-psychology, and sports medicine. I give them the highest recommendation and am glad I found them. The attention they pay to my needs and goals is spot on and keeps me moving in the right direction. Try them!"