Synergy Gives Back

Synergy Gives Back (SGB)

SGB will soon begin to serve as SPI's initial grass roots efforts towards bringing the Synergy Performance Foundation to life.  

In keeping with Synergy's MISSION to lead in the way of health and wellness initiatives for under served communities, as well as, our belief that all should have the ability and access to the tools to heal, grow and pursue their dreams, our Give Back Programs will serve as conduits for these aims. 

Areas we are targeting for our initiatives:

1. Health and Wellness Initiatives

   a.  Performing Arts Medicine & Wellness Programs

   b. Sports Medicine & Wellness Programs

   c. Fitness for L.A. Youth Programs

   *These programs will be aimed at serving populations that currently don't have access, or sufficient access to performance medicine & wellness (this can range from inner city programs to retired athletes or professional artists unable to cover their medical care)

2. Mentorship and Scholarship

   *These programs will be aimed at providing true access to professionals serving as mentors that will provide guidance, exposure to new opportunities, access to assistance in applying to universities or technical schools or other career paths. Along with a structured program, participants will also have opportunities to apply for scholarships to assist in paying for their higher education.  

     Stage 1: Middle school Outreach

     Stage 2: High school through University Mentorships

     Stage 3: University (college) to Career internships & mentoring

3. Humanitarian Efforts

   *these will be created and/or  will be selected based on the mission of each program and how it may align with Synergy's overall Mission and Vision. More details on which international efforts SGB will be sponsoring coming soon. 

All of these programs will largely depend on grass roots efforts not only in organizing, but also funding, obtaining volunteers and dedicated professionals, as well as, community and national partnerships that understand the importance of each of us doing our part to not only give back, but in its essence, grant opportunities to strive for dreams regardless of socioeconomic status.