For athletes and active adults with high expectations for peak performance, a multi-faceted team that can adjust to each stage they enter is critical. SPI will develop every athlete with individualized "out of the box" programs. These draw on SPI's team for collaborative training, physical therapy, nutrition and mental conditioning every step of the way.  Every athlete can count on a team that takes their role seriously in assisting them achieve and stay at their peak.


For retired athletes, going through a pivotal transition period, SPI's goal is to improve their health and quality of life as they enter into the next phase of their career.  All while enjoying a team-like atmosphere they have grown accustomed to that understands the specialized care a seasoned professional deserves.


Incorporated within each program for the female athlete is the special attention given to address their specific health needs while not sacrificing the rigor with which they need to train.


Programs for all sports (for individuals or groups) can include:

  • Sport Specific training / Injury Prevention Conditioning

  • Post injury return to sport

  • Post concussion re-integration (return to sport)

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Mental conditioning Consults

  • Access to Educational Workshops

  • For groups: possible athletic trainer coverage of games, training


The demands of each sport are unique and at SPI so are the training and treament approaches.  In addition to the movement specific screens & assessments performed at SPI, each individual athlete is analyzed within the context of their sport and the level of performance expected of them.

Each athletic program at SPI has its own unique vantage point of addressing the specific areas found critical to correcting training oversights or assessing some of the areas of potential risk associated with common injuries for each sport. From the recreational to the professional athlete, at SPI each participant can attain all the tools they may need to not only excel in their performance but enjoy the journey.