Personal & Professional Development

Performance for Life: Personal & Professional Development

Description:  In adherence with the overall Synergy Performance holistic vision, the 'Performance for Life' sector aims to provide a opportunities for all participants to heal, enabling growth personally & professional, and the courage to pursue each one's unique purpose and goals.  Specifically, we aim to provide educational, motivational, and transformational experiences that may reach participants not only locally but also on a national and international scale to uplift communities all around us. 


Purpose:  To apply our background in movement science, neuroscience and psychology in an integrated and practical format for the chief aim of assisting participants with practical tools, personal examples and empowering solutions and resources that will not only give them a path to healing and growing personal aspects of their lives that absolutely have an impact on their physical and mental health, therefore, their overall ability to soar and enjoy their journey toward their personal and professional goals. 



  • Performing in high pressure contexts

  • Applying talents and skills

  • Self-Soothing and coping strategies 

  • Owning your story without shame

  • Taking ownership of our health through thoughts, beliefs & our brain's capacity to adapt & redeem healthy wiring patterns

  • Redefining true success & purpose

  • Readiness & resilience for every performer and person driven to rise up to their true potential


Services/Platforms Utilized: 

     1. Speaking Engagements

     2. Seminars

     3. Workshops/Courses

     4. Private or group Consultations

     5. Community Outreach

Focus Areas:

movement science & tools to know for your best performance, trauma and shame, identity, depression, anxiety, coping, mindfulness, acceptance, commitment, motivational methods for life, self-soothing and self-care, brain-body connection (interdependence of the brain, body and soul and how they impact our health and ability to heal).