Whether you are a vocalist, dancer, musician, stunt artist or circus artist, or athlete your most important asset is your body.


Synergy understands not only the biomechanics of your active body and mind, but also how the cumulative effects of traveling, training, and past injuries can impact performers.

As your muscles learn to adapt to sometimes unconventional movements, performance training and performance specific treatments are necessary to condition, train, and manage these ever-changing demands of movement with strategies that match your creative nature.


Synergy brings to you preventative preparation and performance training, performance for life tools, and mental conditioning to keep you in peak condition as your career and pursuits take you from set to set, stage to stage, one game field/court to another and country to country. Also incorporated within each program is the acknowledgement of specific approaches to address female artists' additional health needs.


These programs can be any of the following or a specifically developed one to meet you and your group/team needs**

Artist Development Programs For:

  • Dancers (from ballet to hip-hop & everything in between)

  • Vocalists

  • Aerialists, acrobats, circus artists

  • Musicians

  • Stunt Performers

  • Actors

  • Performing Arts University programs



SPI Artist Intensives 

Synergy's Artist Intensives are for traveling artists who may be in Los Angeles briefly and want to maximize their time here, for any artist preparing for a tour or a new role, or for those who may find themselves in a transition period. All artists would benefit. 


Synergy offers an individualized (or group) intensive that would be created around the specific needs of each artist. This program would include:

  • Performance specific conditioning

  • Performance physical therapy

  • Performance specific coaching

  • Performance psychology-mental conditioning

  • Access to personal referrals to a medical doctor specialized in an area that most suits the needs of the artist


Sessions are designed for each artist (or group) to maximize their availability and to address their goals. These can be anywhere from 1-4 hours a day (for however many days required), for 1 week, 1 month, 3 or 6 month periods. 


Contact us today with your needs, and we will put together the intensive program that best suits you and your requirements. 



University/High School Programs (in addition to all of Synergy's services and specific artistic programs) the following available:

  • Injury and treatment tracking: a method of tracking when injuries occur, what type of injuries occur, and the extent that the individual was removed or modified from their level of performance participation. These are important facts to have knowledge of since they can play a key role in not only formulating injury prevention programs but also in anlayzing training methods, oversights in programs, and overall improvement of performance and longevity of an artists' career once these are addressed.

  • Athletic trainer coverage for rehearsals, practice, and performances.


At Synergy we understand the nuances that make each form of artistry unique and therefore have created very specific screens, assessments and training or treatment progressions that take these into account.  Each artistic program has its unique vantage point of addressing specific areas where training oversights may occur or discovering areas of potential risk for injury that may exist for each artist. Synergy provides the artistic support team needed to allow each artist the opportunity to enjoy their time on the stage even more, as well as, the journey getting there.


These development programs can entail performance specific preparation in collaboration with artists technical coaches (voice, dance or other specialty).  Recommendations can be made for specialists SPI personally has worked with and has developed relationships with as well. Programs can also include injury recovery, nutritional and mental conditioning consultations specific for the artists needs. Programs may be all inclusive, for an individual or for a group/performance company and can include on-site training, treatments, consultations


In addition, artists that are receiving services from SPI can also have access to SPI educational workshops at discounted costs and can count on continued SPI care if they are to go on tour by being a part of SPI tours.

All tour and local production programs incorporate Synergy's team approach with the provision of Synergy's services of training, physical therapy, production coverage and mental conditioning.


Local Productions

Either in the Los Angeles area or elsewhere, Synergy provides on-site coverage and treatments during pre-post production, production or rehearsals.  Depending on the extent of the production, length of stay in Los Angeles or traveling needs required for Synergy staff, and number of participants, Synergy can provide all services based on the needs of each production. Not only will the actual production be observed for movement demands, but also taken into consideration are the wardrobe, complexity of movements, length of performance, and all other unique features of the production that play a role for each performers health and safety.  Aside from all the screens, assessments, training and treatments provided on site, Synergy can work with all relevant entities to provide the nutritional components needed to sustain the pace of such productions.  As the production demands grow, so does the need for sharpness at every level.  The much neglected area of performance psychology fills this need and Synergy has this covered for all personnel involved in the production.


Tour Program (preparation and travel support)

Additional services included may be a range of the following:


  • Show observation & program development based on the performance requirements, type of wardrobe, length of
    performance, complexity of movements and skills needed

  • Individual artist pre-tour screens

  • Pre-tour treatments and conditioning sessions based on screen and movement assessment findings

  • Nutritional planning referrals

  • Baseline neurological testing

  • Mental conditioning consultation and program development with continued tour support via skype, email and telephone

  • A team assigned to the show that travels with them to perform duties such as: first responders in case of an emergency, treatment of injuries, continued performance training that began in Los Angeles prior to tour, and assisting in quicker recovery from injuries while on tour.


For athletes with high expectations for peak performance, a multi-faceted team that can adjust to each stage you are in is critical. SPI will help develop every athletes maximum potential with individualized "out of the box" programs. These draw on SPI's team for collaborative training, physical therapy, athletic training and mental conditioning every step of the way.  Every athlete can count on a team that takes their role seriously in assisting them achieve and stay at their peak. Consultations provided on the road require ample time for scheduling. 


For retired athletes, going through a pivotal transition period, SPI's goal is to improve their health and quality of life as they enter into the next phase of their career.  All while enjoying a team-like atmosphere they have grown accustomed to that understands the specialized care a seasoned professional deserves.


Incorporated within each program for the female athlete is the special attention given to address their specific health needs while not sacrificing the rigor with which they need to train.


Programs for all sports (for individuals or groups) can include:

  • Sport Specific training / Injury Prevention Conditioning

  • Post injury return to sport

  • Post concussion re-integration (return to sport)

  • Nutritional Counseling referrals

  • Mental conditioning Consults

  • Access to Educational Workshops

  • For groups: possible athletic trainer coverage of games, training


The demands of each sport are unique and at SPI so are the training and treament approaches.  In addition to the movement specific screens & assessments performed at SPI, each individual athlete is analyzed within the context of their sport and the level of performance expected of them.

Each athletic program at SPI has its own unique vantage point of addressing the specific areas found critical to correcting training oversights or assessing some of the areas of potential risk associated with common injuries for each sport. From the recreational to the professional athlete, at SPI each participant can attain all the tools they may need to not only excel in their performance but enjoy the journey.