Personal & Professional Development

In keeping with our mission to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and spearhead groundbreaking research and education,Synergy is in the process of developing opportunities for growth through:


1. Education

   a. Workshops/Seminars for personal and professional development

   b. Professional Courses

   c. Performance Medicine Fellowship (and other healthcare practitioner training opportunities with Synergy and its affiliates for the purpose of raising the standard of care for all performers everywhere, promoting collaborative efforts across all practitioners, and outreach to serve currently under served communities).

   d. Engaging Speaking Engagements

2. Research

It is our hope to soon bring collaborations with undergraduate & graduate level University programs to promote and participate in performing arts medicine and sports medicine research and outreach efforts. 



Contact us via email to inquire on specific programs your organization has interest in. Also, stay tuned for more exciting details on specific topics, locations SPI will be speaking, books that are in development and soon to be published, and more!