Mental Conditioning & Coaching

  • Over 10 years of clinical experience working with adolescents, emerging adults, adults, and couples

  • PhD in Counseling Psychology

  • Musician

  • Specialty Certification: Performing Arts Medicine

  • Experience working with performers including actors, dancers, musicians, and athletes, as well as, consultant to music organizations

Performance Psychology: Mental Conditioning & Coaching

Description:  In adherence with the overall Synergy Performance holistic vision, the performance psychology sector aims to provide a welcoming and caring environment for the artistic and athletic psyche to heal, grow, and pursue goals.  Specifically, we aim to foster mental and psychological support to increase consistent upper range performance while trusting the performance process.


Purpose:  To assist performers (creative performers and athletes) and active individuals through injury, prepare for new projects, manage transitions in personal or professional life, or address areas needed to enhance performance through individual and/or team sessions.  To apply a customized approach for mental preparation to enhance peak performances during practices, competition, and performance.


Objectives: Provide performers the mental skills to enhance and recover from their performance by:

  • Meeting performance standards

  • Increasing optimal performance

  • Managing performance anxiety

  • Applying hardiness in the face of adversity

  • Performing in high pressure contexts

  • Applying talents and skills

  • Self-Soothing and coping strategies 



     1. Mental Conditioning

     2. Individualized Psychology Skills Training

     3. Performance Consulting

     4. Individual Therapy

     5. Group Workshops

Focus Areas:

adjustment, identity, depression, anxiety, coping, mindfulness, acceptance, commitment, motivational interviewing, self-soothing and self-care 

***In Case of Emergency***

Please call 911 in emergency/crisis situations or go to your nearest hospital, visit our blog page for more resources.



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